The Irongoat

The Iron Goat

A Part of Canmore's Mining Heritage

The Iron Goat Pub & Grill derived its name and design theme from the inspiration of Canmore's mining and railway era.

Prior to the rail industry being introduced to the mining trade, goats were domesticated for the purpose of working in the mines. Horses were considered too large and donkeys were just too stubborn. Therefore, goats were chosen for their small size and notable strength.

Goats came to be known as powerful units in the mines as they were able to haul heavy carts saving men from straining themselves further in this demanding industry. Miners appreciated the work of the "Goat" in any mine area.

Once the rail industry was integrated into the mining trade, the train locomotive began to replace and provide more power than the great animal. These locomotives were known as the "Iron Horse" and miners choose to transfer this nickname to the mining trade. The "Goat"; once known to be an animal was now the "Iron Goat", a train.

The Canmore Mines had their own "Iron Goat". Built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (C.P.R.) in 1905 as C.P.R. no.6144, it was sold to Canmore Mines Ltd. in 1943. This Iron Goat hauled coal from the mine to the main rail line until it was retired in 1963 when it was sold to Heri-tage Park, Calgary. It was converted to diesel power for use in the park and is currently on display at the park today. For almost a century, Canmore was one of the most important coal mining centres in southern Alberta. The town's importance as a community and coal mining centre in the Bow Valley grew in the early years of the 20th century. The Canmore Mines Ltd. ceased coal production on July 13, 1979, the town was poised to lose a piece of the fabric of the community. The town was the last coal mining centre in the Bow Valley to permanently shut its doors forcing one hundred and twenty (120) miners out of work. It was the end of an era.

We have chosen to name our Pub & Grill, the Iron Goat to commemorate and celebrate Canmore's mining heritage.


At left is a reproduction of a pen drawing by noted Canmore Artist,
Michael Vincent.

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